Puran Defrag 7.7.1 Crack + Activation Key Free Download 2023

Puran Defrag Crack

Puran Defrag Crack defragmentation keeps your disks tidy and avoids the big, disruptive defrag jobs later on. The defragmentation utility in Windows does a pretty good job, so why would you need an aftermarket defrag tool like Puran Defrag Free Edition? Well, Puran is easier to program to run automatically, even in the background. Puran also defragments your PC’s boot sectors for faster start-up, and its Intelligent Optimizer boosts your system’s speed, according to the developers.

Puran Defrag Activation Key can also defragment selected files or folders only and make exclusions by file and folder or wild card. There’s even a command line option for advanced users. Opening Puran also opened the program’s very good Help file, which made for an easy start. The first thing we noticed about Puran’s interface was the cluster map field. The omission of a defrag cluster map in some recent Windows editions raised eyebrows and hackles, and many developers have responded by restoring the feature.

Puran Defrag 7.7.1 Crack + Serial Key Full Download 2023

Puran Defrag Crack is attractive and legible, as we found when we ran the tool. The program identified our two disk drives; we selected one and clicked Analyze. It clearly showed fragmented data. We clicked Defrag, and a progress bar (blue, not green, for a change) tracked Puran as it defragmented our hard drive. We could also select Low Priority and Shutdown After Defrag options from the interface. On the Additional Operations tab, we could select from an extensive list of checkboxes specifying actions such as freeing space for temporary files, excluding files by size or other options, and filling gaps with blank data to avoid frequent fragmentation.

Puran Defrag Serial Key could also enable the Puran Intelligent Optimizer (PIOZR), which boosts system speed. On the Automatic Defragmentation tab, we could set Puran to defragment either of our drives, including several automatic boots, restart, and shutdown options, and check a box to stop automatic defrags when on battery power. We’re all for free utilities that improve on the built-in capabilities of Windows, and Puran Defrag Free Edition is a great example of this type. It’s especially useful as a “set-and-forget” tool that will keep your disks clean and your system fast through regular background maintenance.

Puran Defrag Crack

Puran Defrag 7.7.1 Crack + License Key Full Version 2023

Puran Defrag License Key defragmenting application doesn’t have a special scan function for searching out malware, and it doesn’t have any specific features that are designed for optimizing solid-state storage devices either, unlike Smart Defrag. With that in mind, it’s a free defragmenter application with options to exclude certain files. The program scans your hard disk for common startup files and uses the developer’s proprietary PIOZR technology to organize your files based on how often you tend to use them.


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Main Features:

  • Puran Intelligent Optimizer – PIOZR
  • Directories consolidation for a speed boost
  • Optimization by freeing space
  • Automatic defragmentation for worry-free defrag
  • Boot Time defragmentation for system files like MFT
  • Low Priority defrag for work while defragging experience
  • Individual file/folder defrag for selective defrag
  • GUI and Console Command Line defrag Supported
  • Restart/Shutdown After Boot Time defragmentation
  • File/Folder Exclusion or exclusion by wildcard facility

Puran Defrag Crack


  • Quick, complete analysis and defragmentation process
  • Support for boot defrag
  • Support for scheduled defragging tasks

System Needs:

  • Windows 2003, Windows 8,
  • Windows Vista, Windows,
  • Windows Server 2008,
  • Windows 7, Windows XP

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Puran Defrag Crack

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Puran Defrag 7.7.1 Crack + Activation Key Free Download 2023